Harga Sewa Mobil - KIJANG INNOVA

Harga Sewa Mobil Kijang Innova | ManoMarion Transport | Sewa Mobil Innova Jakarta dengan harga dan kualitas terbaik. Kenyamanan armada terbaik dengan harga lebih hemat.

Toyota Kijang Innova adalah mobil keluarga terbaik indonesia yang di design luas dan memberikan kenyamanan untuk perjalanan jauh. Harga Sewa Mobil Kijang Innova lebih hemat, dengan kualitas dan pelayanan terbaik. Sewa mobil Kijang dengan berbagai macam kebutuhan seperti, Sewa mobil harian, untuk shuttle, tour pariwisata, antar jemput karyawan dan lain -lain.

Exterior Modern exterior design and powerful Travello make exterior Travello more luxurious than its competitors: Modern impression found on the corners rounded body, racing wheels and radial tires. Strong impression contained on firm body lines, large out side mirrors, as well as models of large headlights so as to maximize the lighting. Excellent vehicle stability with front and rear tread spacing is wider. Comfort Comfort on Travello while driving: Design soft suspension, Travello designed specifically for passengers Coolness cabin space in the drive with dual aircon blower trple Relieved and comfortable seats equipped with reclining seat Interior Contained in the interior luxuries Travello: The entire cover body parts are made of molded plastic. Design, materials plush chair. number of seats 12 passengers or 16 passengers for special order

Car typeStandard
Max people7
Door count5
CO2 emission-
Air ConditionerYes
Unlimited MileageNo
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